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Hi everyone,

we've just released a new version of our Shopware Plugin!

Release notes


  • added PayPal Installments
  • added logging option for transaction status forwarding
  • added multicurrency support for Amazon Pay
  • added compatibility to "Wunschpaket" Packstation addresses
  • Packstation support can now be toggled in Amazon Pay Settings


  • added support for comments when using Amazon Pay
  • Fixed clearing data not shown in mail templates (see also our updated documentation)
  • fixed orders switching from net to gross when using paypal
  • fixed exception when riskrules are triggered in early events
  • respect paymentstatusmapping for amazonpay appointed complete
  • use discounts article number instead of desc on capture/refund
  • don't show unallowed express payment methods in carts with AboCommerce items
  • a whole bunch of minor fixes!


  • new iDEAL bankgroup HANDELSBANKEN

We're dropping support for Shopware <5.2 in future releases. So please ensure you're using at least Shopware 5.2 for future updates!

You can find the release here:

Download on Github

Download in Shopware Community Store

As usual, if you find any bugs, feel free to open an issue: