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Hi all,

we deployed our newest release for our platform and core API.

New Features

  • PMI -> Accounting -> Payment-Service:
    • Export fields for "Sub type", "State", "Address addition" have been added and can be selected for export
  • PMI -> Channels -> Telesales:
    • Input for "credit card details" has been changed to PAYONE hosted iFrames.
    • By this the credit card type will be detected automatically depending on the credit card number.


  • 3DS1-test mode now works very similar to 3DS1-live mode.
    • i.e.: "termurl", "MD", "PaReq"need to be present in test-mode as well.
  • PMI -> Export -> Payments: 
    • Field "customerid" was empty in case of "vauthorizations" (Billing / Micropayment)