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Hi all,

in January 2020 we went live with release 4.33.0 and 4.33.1 with the following content:

New Features

  • API - Key - change without downtime
    • When changing the portal key, the old key is valid for another 60 minutes. During this time, the API continues to accept both the new and the old key(s). This allows changes to be made without downtime.

  • Client API  / Hosted iFrame solution
    • The Hosted iFrame  now allows you to enter the credit card expiry date as a 2 or 4 digit date value.


  • Klarna
    • Special characters in the end customer's address data are now correctly processed and passed on by our platform.

  • PMI - Navigation
    • When using the Hamburg Service Portal, there is now no longer a logout when clicking on "online" (PMI) in the header bar. In addition, a corresponding note is now displayed on how to get access to the PMI.

  • PMI - Transaction Status
    • Corrected the display of dates. Only the URL without parameters is now displayed as the target address.

  • Auto allocation
    • Improvement of payment allocation for SEPA payments