Blog from May, 2020

Hello everyone,

there's a new Release for our Oxid 6 plugin and here's what's inside:

New Features

  • we made transactionstatus forwardings a lot stabler, so hopefully no more missing forwarded statuses


  • Better handling of decline messages during protect
  • Fixed smaller Issues with Ratepay


  • we deprecated the use of Kontonummer/BLZ for SEPA and only support IBAN and BIC
  • we deprecated the cc type discover, as it is now processed as diners
As usual, get it on Github:

Hi everyone,

we've just released a new version of our Shopware 5 plugin. Here's what's new:


  • Reminderlevel can now be individually mapped in status mapping


  • we're now registering the Amazon Pay cookie only if Amazon Pay is actually active
  • bonus: we're only loading Amazon JS when Amazon is active, too
  • fixed missing auto_cardtype_detection column
  • fixed Klarna birth year selector
  • transaction status forwarding is now more robust


  • credit card type "discover" was deprecated (and is now processed as diners, so no actual feature regression)