Blog from August, 2021

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Folgende Änderungen sind umgesetzt worden:

  • Es ist nun möglich im Einstellungsbereich Standardwerte für den Steuersatz festzulegen.


  • Vor- und Nachname aus den Endkundenkontaktdaten wurden entfernt
  • Payone Link ist nun in Französisch verfügbar


  • Hashalgorithmus ausgetauscht
  • Payone Link API lässt Punkt bei Artikelnummern zu


The following changes have been implemented:

  • It is now possible to set default values for the tax rate in the settings panel.
  • First and last name from the end customer contact data have been removed
  • Payone Link is now available in French


  • Hashalgorithm replaced
  • Payone Link API allows point at item numbers

Hi all,

we've just released a new Shopware 5 plugin. Here's what's new:

New Features

  • added WeChatPay
  • added Trustly payments
  • compatibility to shopware 5.7.x


  • added cardholder field and validation. Ideally, you should see more transactions using the "frictionless" flow without any redirects to the cardholder bank.
  • added cardholder param, translations, and validation fixes
  • fixed some backend syntax errors
  • several fixes for Amazon payments, Ratepay, credit card, PayPal and Klarna


  • tested with Shop version 5.7.2

Known Issues

As usual, you can get it on Github: