we released our new Shopware 6 Plugin:

New Features

  • Shopware 6.3 support removed
  • General code optimizations implemented
  • Important change: The transaction data of PAYONE payments was previously always stored in the additional fields of the orders. Since the additional fields are stored as JSON in the database, searching the transaction data was not very performant for large amounts of data. Therefore, an entity extension was set up for the transaction data so that the data is stored in an extra database table that can be searched much more performantly. During the plugin update, the old additional fields are migrated to the entity extension and then the additional fields are deleted. If you have used our additional fields in your own code or for example in the synchronization to external systems, you have to adapt this to the new entity extension. 


  • Remove deletion of saved credit cards


  • Remove BIC from debit
  • Tested with 6.4.16

As usual, you can get the new release on Github: