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The Card schemes, or more specifically the EMVCo are highly interested in providing secure Credit Card payments, in same time not jeopardizing the Customer experience and keeping the payment conversion rates high. If the Customer tries to pay with his Credit Card and he is not able to, it is most desirable that the Customer is informed about the reasons, so that he can correct what is required from his side. 

 Issuers can use a text field (Cardholder Information Text) in EMV 3DS to provide additional information to cardholders when an authentication request can not be completed, for example:

→  “This transaction has been declined due to security reasons. For further details please contact number at the back of card.”

→ “Your transaction has not been processed. Please call us on 555-1234 so we can help you”

It provides a valuable opportunity for issuers to tell cardholders why their payment can not proceed and guide them to the necessary corrective action
Currently, it is optional for Merchants to display this text to cardholders in EMV 3DS 2.1 but becomes mandatory in EMV 3DS 2.2.
It is always optional for Issuers to use it (unless using Decoupled Authentication – 2.2 Only).


Transaction Status Notification details: Parameter for the TransactionStatus query - Platform - PAYONE docs 

Test data 

VISAMastercardAMEXUse caseCardholder_info
45329934621912435227248189915672343111216781956Process with 3-D Secure 2.0 *
  • No challenge, auth accepted ("frictionless")
 "Für künftige Zahlungen registrieren Sie Ihre Karte bitte auf unserer Webseite. Ihre Zahlung wurde erfolgreich abgeschlossen"
44995100963921865535343773242596374309404465067Process with 3-D Secure 2.0
  • No challenge, auth declined ("frictionless")
“Your transaction has not been processed. Please call us on 555-1234 so we can help you" 
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