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Status Description

In the lifetime of a link a variety of status is being assigned to it. In the description below you can see the requirements for a certain status


Only the minimum required parameters were set.

The link cannot be paid yet.

Valid currency, accountId, merchantId, portalId, mode and shoppingCart with cartitem (type, number, price and quantity).

All required parameters to pay the link were set.

The link can be send to and be paid by the customer.

Minimum requirements are met and valid, reference, paymentMethods and billingAddress with country and lastName.

The set expiration date has expired.

expirationDate was not exceeded.
DeactivatedThe link has been is set to false.
ExecutedThe customer used the button "Execute Payment"paymentProcess was set.

Status Transitions

Status Prioritization

The Link Status is basically a conditional prioritization of several factors.

Once every criteria of a status has been met, said status will be given in the status field of the response.

Links can only be paid by the consumer if they are in status ready

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