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From a customer experience point of view, it makes a lot of sense to have a logo attached to each payment method, so customers can easily recognize their payment method of choice. Additionally, some payment schemes require their logo to be displayed in the merchant's shop. To make this as easy as possible, PAYONE provides a CDN where we provide most of the logos of all supported payment methods, which any PAYONE merchant can hotlink into their shops.

We provide all icons as SVG vector graphics, so they can be resized to your liking and manipulated via CSS.

URL Scheme

To make integration as easy as possible, we created a predictable URL scheme:{clearingtype}/{clearingsubtype}/{default|theme}.svg

where clearingtype corresponds to one of your clearing types of the API and clearingsubtype corresponds to the values individual payment methods (e.g. wallettype or onlinebanktransfertype). For some icons there are additional formats supplied (e.g. landscape.svg). All icons have a default format as default.svg.

Complete Tables

Credit cards


Online Bank Transfer


Other payment types

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