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In order to receive notifications from PAYONE Link you have to implement the following API on your systems.

You can choose whatever endpoint urls you like. The endpoint urls in the following open api documentation are only examples. To let us know where your PAYONE Link notification is available you need to provide the parameter notifyUrl when creating or updating a link.

We highly recommend to only process verified notifications. See How to Verify Notifications for more details.

Please consider that the provided execution status of PAYONE Link notification only provides the information if a link was used by an end customer.
If additional information about the payment status of a transaction is needed please refer to the TransactionStatus notification which provides the current status of the transaction itself.

You can connect both notifications by using “paymentProcess” (ID) from PAYONE Link notification and “txid” from transaction status notification.

openapi: 3.0.4 info: version: v1 title: PAYONE Link Notification API paths: /linkExecutionNotification: post: tags: - PAYONE Link Notifications operationId: receiveLinkExecutionNotification parameters: - in: header name: X-Request-ID schema: type: string format: uuid required: true - in: header name: X-Auth-Code schema: type: string required: true requestBody: content: application/json: schema: $ref: '#/components/schemas/LinkExecutionNotification' responses: '200': description: 'Link Status received. Any other response status will trigger a retry to deliver the notification.' components: schemas: LinkExecutionNotification: type: object properties: header: $ref: '#/components/schemas/NotificationHeader' linkExecutionData: $ref: '#/components/schemas/LinkExecutionData' NotificationType: type: object properties: type: type: string enum: - PAYONE_LINK_EXECUTION version: type: string enum: - '1.0' NotificationHeader: type: object properties: notificationType: $ref: '#/components/schemas/NotificationType' merchantId: type: string example: "12345" portalId: type: string example: "12345678" mode: type: string enum: - LIVE - TEST LinkExecutionData: type: object properties: linkId: pattern: '[0N1RWU4X6F8Z9ALBQC3EG5HJKM2PS7TVDY]{32}' type: string example: 'MFBZP2VRJZAK4P2H0J4WJHT1226GM2FG' paymentProcess: type: string example: '123456789' executionStatus: type: string enum: - APPROVED - REDIRECTED - PENDING - ERROR paymentMethod: type: string enum: - VISA - MASTERCARD - AMEX - PAYPAL - SOFORT - PAYDIREKT - POSTFINANCE_E - POSTFINANCE_CARD - BANCONTACT - PRZELEWY24 - ALIPAY - IDEAL - EPS - GIROPAY - SEPA executionTime: type: string format: date-time
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