Prerequisites for PayPal Test Payments

We don't offer specific test data for PayPal. Instead, you'll have to create your own PayPal Sandbox (Buyer-)Account.

Follow this procedure to initiate a test payment:

Register at for a "Sandbox Test Environment" additionally to your PayPal business account. Alternatively, you can create an account at

After you registered successfully you may create a new test account (buyer) within your "sandbox". This buyer test account will be used for your test payment.

Ensure you are logged into your "Sandbox Test Environment" before initiating a test payment.

Then initiate a payment transaction using your E-Commerce application (e.g. your shop). Please pay attention to use value "test" for parameter "mode" (mode=test). Use the buyer test account credentials as a customer in your webshop to start payment.

If you want to make End-to-End Tests with PayPal, you'll also need a Sandbox Merchant Account. Please contact our Merchant Service so we can store the Sandbox Merchant Account in your PAYONE Account.

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