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Our platform offers a test mode for all requests, which can be triggered by setting the "mode" parameter to "test". You can control the behavior of the payment methods by using the test data outlined in this space.

Mode "test" / "live"

Basically all API-requests can be used in mode "test" and "live" in the same way. But please note that the processes may differ slightly different in mode "test" and "live". So in mode "test" a lot of downstream processes are simulated by the PAYONE Platform and are not forwarded to other service providers. Please also note that you should not use any live customer data in mode "test". The PAYONE Platform offers a set of test data to simulate several test cases in payment processing. You can find the prepared test data in this document.

Additional Information

Please note that the intention for mode "test" in the PAYONE Platform is to exercise and to test the behavior of the PAYONE Platform – the intention is not to serve for regression / integration tests. Therefore, the number of transaction in mode "test" is limited per merchant. If the limit is reached, the  error code 2010 is returned. Please contact our Merchant Service if you need a higher limit for test transactions per day. Additionally, test transactions may be deleted after 3 months by our platform.

Requests in mode "live" are always processed and forwarded to service providers – even if test data are used. Using test data in live mode may result in additional cost due to chargebacks or fees.


Please note that depending on the transaction type used costs may occur in addition to transaction fees. See our List of Prices and Services for details.

Test Data

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