email-address of customer


Permitted Symbols
RFC 5322

Special Remark email validation:

Max. length for email is 254 characters. Validation is set up in the following way:

  • Username = Max. 63 characters
  • Domain Name = Max. 63 characters
  • Domain Suffixes = Max. 4 suffixes with max. 124 characters 

Example: username[63]@domain_name[63].suffix[60].suffix[60].suffix[4]

"@" and "." is counted as a character as well; in case of a total of three suffixes, this would allow a total of 254 characters.

Payment specific:

Payment TypeComment
KLV, KLSEmail-address is mandatory
PYV, PYM, PYS, PYDEmail-address is mandatory
P24Email-address is mandatory
POVEmail-address is mandatory
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