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The PAYONE link portal offers you a standardised way to generate links for payment. It does not offer you quite as much freedom as the API (no automated transfer of data), but it does offer some other features, allows you to create links directly and send them to your customers without any development effort.

In the following sections you will find information on how to create such a link and how to get into the PAYONE Link Portal.

Entrance via PMI

In the PAYONE Merchant Interface you can access the PAYONE link via the "Channels" section.

At this point you can decide whether you want to navigate to the dashboard of already created links, create a link or take a closer look at the documentation, then you will be directed to the page where you are currently located.




This is could also be called the landing page of the PAYONE link. Here you can see all your already created links and sort them by different parameters.

Via the displayed transaction number, which is located next to the reference of the link, you will be directed to the respective transaction in the accounts receivable management.

The following filters are available:

  • Expiration and creation date
  • Reference
  • Status
  • Transaction number
  • Transaction type
  • Sub-account and portal
  • Mode
  • Payment methods used
  • Currency

Using the bar on the left you can navigate to:

  • Link overview
  • Creation of links
  • Designs
  • Settings

The part where you currently are is highlighted in a dark blue.

In order to create a link, a form must be filled out, which operates the API in the background. Not all fields are mandatory.

ParameterMandatory?Default SettingNotes
ReferenceyestimestampMerchants can change the reference, nevertheless it has to be unique


Expiration Dateno10 days; if no date is set by merchantCurrently available up to 335 days. However a link will be deleted 30 days after expiration or execution due to data security
Statusnoactivatedmerchants can deactivate already created links
Transaction TypeyesAuthorisation
LanguageyesGermanThe link is currently available in German, English, French and Spanish

You can also edit your prefered link design in this area. For that click on "edit design". A description for design follows further below.

In this area you can configure a shopping cart. Necessary information will be:

  • Currency (this will be validated against the chosen portal and subaccount and provide the possible payment methods at the end)
  • Shopping Cart

Once you click on Add item a new window will open as can be seen below.

ParameterMandatory?Default SettingNotes
product numberyesempty

You don´t have to list every item, it is also possible to list one item as a placeholder for one order.

However it is necessary to list a product number.

product descriptionyesempty
product typeyesgoods
VAT rateyes19%This parameter can be set within the settings part
Priceyes0,00With price the sales price, including VAT is meant. For vouchers you actively have to insert a minus.

ParameterMandatory?Default SettingNotes
Prename/Frist namenoempty
Last NameyesemptyNeeds to be at least two letters
Street and Numbernoempty
Address Additionnoempty
Zip Codenoempty
Countryyesemptysearchbar, everything except GER, AUT and SUI is written in english

You can add a Shipping address. For some payment methods this could be required. As this varies a lot from use case to use case please make sure to see the applicable payment method documentation. 

Payment Methods

As a result you will see a variety of payment methods, resulting from the combination of portal, sub account, currency and country. 

Currently around 15 payment methods are available for PAYONE Link with more methods joining in the future.

  • grey payment methods - those are preselected
  • white payment methods - by clicking on a pre-chosen payment method you deselct it and it turns white, click on it again and it is selected and turns back grey
  • second line - those are payment methods available for PAYONE Link, but you have not activated or booked them. If you are interested in one, simply contact your sales or service person at PAYONE

After selecting your favoured payment mix, you can create the link by clicking on "create".

Link Details

If you entered all the necessary data simply click on "create". You will be forwarded to a detail page, where you can control the entered information before sending the link. 

In this area you have the opportunity to check all details and send the link afterwards. Copy it and send it via social media, messenger or elsewhere.

On this page you also have the possibility to adapt the link again by clicking the button "edit" - this is possible until your customer has clicked the button "execute payment" in the link. For example you could change the design, which is shown as a previw In the right corner at the end of this page.

In addition, the PAYONE transaction number is displayed here as soon as the customer has clicked on "Execute payment". If you click on the transaction number, you will be taken to the accounts receivable management where you can see the current status of the payment.


Different seasons or locations call for different designs. Therefore we implemented a dedicated designs section. You can navigate to designs via the bar on the left. 


Within this section you have the possibility to create and save up to 20 different designs. if you hover over one of the design panels you have four different options:

  • The star next to the design title makes this your default design
  • The trashcan allows you to delete design templates
  • The pencil gives you the opportunity to edit the design
  • The plus allows you to create a new link directly from this design

A new design can be created on the far right of this page via the button "create design"

If you want to edit an existing design or create a new one, this window will be shown. Here you can set the following parameters:

ParameterMandatory?Default SettingNotes
Design NameyesemptyThis is the name under which you will find the design.
DescriptionnoemptyThe Description will be shown to your customer in the check-out to give him an idea, what this link is about
LogonoPAYONE provided LogoThe logo needs to be a URL and is suggested to be your company logo/icon
BackgroundnoA universally provided background in PAYONE DesignThe background need so be a URL and can be any pictur or moving image.
Success URLnoDefault success page from PAYONEAfter successfully executing the payment the customer will be led to this site. This could be a site in your own shop environment or website
Error URLnoDefault error page from PAYONEAfter unsuccessfully executing the payment the customer will be led to this site. This could be a site in your own shop environment or website, where the customer gets knwoledge how to proceed.
Back URLnoDefault page from PAYONE

If the customer chooses to get back to the link, afte excecuting the payment, he will be led to his URL. This could be a site in your own shop environment or website, where the customer gets knwoledge how to proceed.

Additionally you could add an API here, where a new link will be created for your customer.

After inserting the parameter click on modify design. If you want this design for all links, click on the star, as shown in the section above.

You can also edit the design while creating a new link. Otherwise your defined default design will be provided. If you did not create one, our default design will be selected (seen on the left side).

In the "General section" (of the space "Create Link") on the right side you find a button called "edit design". Via this button a new window will pop-up, where you can edit the parameters explained before.

After changing the parameters click the button "submit design" and the design will have changed for this link. 


In the settings block you can set some default parameters:

  • Account = Sub-Account
  • Portal
  • Notify URL → where do you want to receive the status of the created link
  • default VAT

All parameters, except Notify URL, will be preselected when creating a new link.

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