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The PAYONE Platform supports the automatic storage of your customers' master and payment data. The PAYONE Platform Frontend can use these data to accelerate the payment process for the customer. If the customer is already known to the PAYONE Platform, it is possible for these data not having to be requested again during the payment process via the Frontend. The data are only displayed to the customer for checking. If the customer does not wish to change the data, he can complete the payment process with a single click.
To use the One-Click Checkout function you have to have it activated by the PAYONE Merchant Service. It is also technically necessary to transmit the customer ID („customerid") of your customer with every request. This is necessary for the unique identification of the customer. In addition, you must use the hash method in this documentation (2.x). The hash method from the documentation of version 1.x is not permitted.
This method requires a certain level of security on behalf of the merchant. It must be ensured that the user is indeed the correct customer. This must be ensured using correspondingly secure login mechanisms. Otherwise it might be possible that a customer misuses the payment data of a third party.