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General notes:

In addition to the correct integration of the API request, the following points should be noted:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Euro
  • 1.) Snippet for device fingerprinting token
  • 2.) Mandatory checkout information
  • B2B transactions
  • deviating delivery addresses

Device fingerprinting token
Device fingerprinting token

Code Block
titleExample Fingerprinting Code in PHP
  $environment = "t"; // "t" for TEST, "p" for PROD
  $payla_partner_id = "e7yeryF2of8X";
  $partner_merchant_id = "test-1"; // REPLACE individually per Merchant by Payone Merchant-ID
  $snippet_token = $payla_partner_id . "_" . $partner_merchant_id . "_" . guidv4(); // REPLACE guidv4() by a session_id (which should be unique per checkout experience) or an appropriate GUIDv4 function
<script id="paylaDcs" type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $payla_partner_id; ?>/<?php echo $partner_merchant_id; ?>/dcs.js"></script>
  var paylaDcsT = paylaDcs.init("<?php echo $environment; ?>", "<?php echo $snippet_token; ?>");
<link id="paylaDcsCss" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo $snippet_token; ?>&pi=<?php echo $payla_partner_id; ?>&psi=<?php echo $partner_merchant_id; ?>&e=<?php echo $environment; ?>">

Mandatory checkout implementation

UI Text Box

Terms of payment and data protection information must be implemented in the relevant language in the checkout for regulatory reasons.

Checkout note

GermanMit Abschluss dieser Bestellung erkläre ich mich mit den ergänzenden Zahlungsbedingungen (Link) und der Durchführung einer Risikoprüfung für die ausgewählte Zahlungsart einverstanden. Den ergänzenden Datenschutzhinweis (Link) habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen.
EnglishBy placing this order, I agree to the supplementary payment terms (link) and the performance of a risk assessment for the selected payment method. I am aware of the supplementary data protection notice (link).


Terms of paymentGermanFramework for the use of the mentioned payment methods
Data protection noticeGermanDescribes, among other things, the use of the personal data
Terms of paymentEnglishFramework for the use of the mentioned payment methods
Data protection noticeEnglishDescribes, among other things, the use of the personal data

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