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  • Status messages from PAYONE to merchant's server are always ISO-8859-1 encoded.
  • Status messages are posted with “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” to the URL specified in PMI -> Configuration -> Payment Portals -> Extended -> TransactionStatus URL.
  • Please find some information on encoding here: and find a few samples below.
  • No other characters may be issued with this character string “SSOK”/”TSOK”, e.g. no HTML code.
  • Do not return an error without gathering information about this error.
  • The request must be answered with SSOK (for SessionStatus) / TSOK (for TransactionStatus). The connection timeout is set to 10 seconds and can not be extended.
  • Make sure the request is always answered with an SSOK (for SessionStatus) / TSOK (for TransactionStatus).
  • The request is repeated a maximum of 12 times and for a maximum of 48 hours. The first retry is started after about one hour and the retry time is increasing. After 48 hours the request will not be repeated any more.
  • The answer does only confirm receipt of the SessionStatus, the evaluation can and should follow asynchronously to receiving the answer.
  • If a specific request shall not be processed, issue an SSOK (for SessionStatus) / TSOK (for TransactionStatus) anyway to prevent the request from interfering with the processing of other requests.
  • Without the return of an SSOK (for SessionStatus) / TSOK (for TransactionStatus) you will not receive any further status reports for that subscription / payment process.
  • Please verify received status responses before processing, i.e.: check whether portalid, aid and key do match your expected credentials. If credentials do not match your expected values then dismiss status response.

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