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Hi there,

we've just released our latest Release for Magento 1. Here's what's new:

New Features

  • Goodwill refunds for Ratepay Orders
  • Frontend Validations for Ratepay payment methods e.g. to enforce the right zip code length or phone numbers. For more info, please refer to your Ratepay representative


  • Fixed Backend Orders with Ratepay
  • We fixed a particularly nasty bug in high volume shops with Amazon Pay, where rounding errors during the checkout sometimes led to Amazon Pay checkouts being opened, but never arriving as an order in Magento. We've introduced a backend setting, which allows 1 cent differences during checkout. We also implemented measures to detect broken Amazon Pay checkouts and cancel these, so customers don't receive mails from Amazon implying their order was successful
  • Fixed custom translations for hosted iFrames


  • Masterpass was deprecated by Mastercard, so we removed it
  • added indices on large tables during upgrade for better performance
As usual, you can get the new stuff from Github: