iDEAL is the most popular payment method in the Netherlands. It is an online bank transfer and thus enables a direct payment between bank accounts. For the payment, the customer is redirected to one of the participating Dutch banks. Here the customer then makes a transfer directly from their bank account. After the payment is done, the customer has no possibility to revoke the payment, therefore the merchant can immediately ship the goods without any risk.


The iDEAL payment method does not provide a solution for payments in which the end customer is not involved. Recurring payments or merchant initiated payments are not possible with iDEAL alone. Therefore, it is necessary to add another payment method. Since iDEAL is an account-based payment method and the Netherlands is part of the EURO currency area, the SEPA direct debit procedure is a good choice. However, there are a few things to consider with this procedure.

You can find all the necessary information here - Special remarks - SEPA integration.

The only alternative to the direct debit procedure would be payment by invoice.

Process Flow 

In the following process flow, we assume that you have decided to use the digital collection of a mandate or you are using the PAYONE Payment Service and are therefore obliged to use the digital collection. 

initial purchase - the customer chooses the iDEAL payment method during the regular checkout, is then redirected to their bank and successfully completes the payment process.

subsequently, a transaction status message is sent to the URL stored in the PMI, which contains the customer's bank details - Parameter for the TransactionStatus query

with the help of this bank data you are able to create a pending mandate - CA - Create a mandate (managemandate) - and display the mandate text for confirmation to the customer when reaching the success page of your store

as soon as the mandate text has been confirmed by the customer, you need to execute a pre-authorization - SA - Initiating payment reservation (preauthorization) with any amount to persist the pending mandate

  • If you have no use for the pre-authorized amount, you can resolve it with a capture request with an amount of 0

now you have an existing mandate and can collect repeatedly based on it in the future

Optional: If a customer leaves the site from iDEAL to the success page of the web shop, you have the option of using the PAYONE Link - Channel PAYONE Link - to subsequently perform the steps 3 and 4 of obtaining the mandate and the subsequent pre-authorization.

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