Our platform offers you the ability to detect the brand of the card your customers are about to use for the purchase.
If the card has been issued for two different brands (i.e.. a local and an international brand), you can allow your customers to configure their preference.
Please note that following the introduction of a European Regulation, you are obliged to offer your customers a choice if they are using co-badged cards.
Check our API on how to use this feature.

The BIN (Bank Identification Number) denotes the first six digits of a credit card number and identifies the bank issuing the credit card. If BIN Check is activated, the PAYONE platform checks whether the country of the bill recipient and the country of the card-issuing bank match. It is not always possible to clearly identify the issuing country of a card via the BIN - in this case the transaction is permitted. In the event of a deviation, the transaction can be rejected or a follow-up check defined.

The BIN Check is available for all countries. It can only be carried out in the course of a transaction via the PAYONE platform (reservation and purchase).

By using the BIN (Bank Identification Number) the country of the card issuing bank can be identified.

Please use card type Visa and any 3-digit CVC for this data

Credit Card Number
Credit Card Number
Credit Card Number