Commerce platform - seamless commerce

Omnichannel combined with Order Management for a seamless customer experience

The PAYONE Commerce Platform is designed to represent all use-cases of a merchant from all channels within one system. In addition, it supports the Order Management by providing a dedicated status for the Checkout as well as for the shopping cart products which are linked to the payment.

  • For the integration, the PAYONE Commerce Platform offers a clearly defined business API for Webshops, Mobile-Apps and the POS.
  • The Order Management capabilities offer functional defined operations on shopping cart items to reduce the complexity of the payment. 
  • The design of the PAYONE Commerce Platform does not interfere with the existing communication between the terminal and acquiring.
  • The PAYONE Commerce Platform receives the information about terminal transactions directly from the acquiring.
  • This means that no terminal update nor replacement is required.
  • Therefore, the stability and availability of terminal payments at the POS is not affected.

PAYONE Seamless Commerce - more than Omnichannel

One brand

The customer experiences a uniform brand, whether "online" or "offline". In the purchase process the customer can switch from one channel to another at any time without any loss in their shopping experience. This is what we understand as Seamless Commerce.

Holistic view

The holistic view provides a comprehensive overview of all interactions with a customer. Customers demand the necessary information and services in the same quality on every channel.
The PAYONE Commerce Platform supports you reaching that goal and helps to reduce effort and cost.