Successful Conversion of a checkout after Abandonment of a customer

The Commerce Platform enables merchants to improve the conversion of Checkouts that have been started but not completed by customers.

Process flow

High-level summary:

  • Customer has added items to the shopping cart and continues to checkout.
  • Checkout is created but the order is not completed by the customer.
  • A reminder is sent to the customer to inform the customer about the open checkout.
  • Checkout process is continued in webshop.
  • Order is completed and payment triggered.

Open checkouts

If the Checkouts are created and submitted to the PAYONE Commerce Platform, you are able to analyze abandoned Checkouts. In the Commerce Portal (and also directly from the Commerce Platform via GET List) Checkouts can be filtered by the Checkout Status.


get Checkout list with status open

Besides the Commerce Portal the Checkouts can also be retrieved directly within your system by calling the GET Checkout List endpoint.

GET Checkout List

Having an overview of Checkouts that have not been completed allows you to interact with your customer by sending out a reminder.