Commerce Portal Checkout Status

In the Commerce Portal there are additional Checkout Status available besides the existing ones from the Commerce Platform API to provide a dedicated and more granular overview of the Checkout. A Checkout has always only one status. Following Checkout Status are available within the Commerce Portal:

Checkout Status Symbol

Checkout Status Erklärung


The checkout has been created but no payment has been initiated or completed successfully. The checkout can still be modified.


A payment for the checkout has been initiated but not completed yet. Usually it is only a transitional status because the customer still has to complete the payment process with an external payment provider or the 3DS authentication.


A payment was successfully completed for the checkout. The authorization was successful, the amount was reserved and is ready to be collected.


A part of the checkout amount has been successfully collected, but not the total amount. As long as there is a collectible amount, this status is displayed, even if there already has been a refund. In case of a partial cancel, the overall status is also PARTIALLY_BILLED.


The total checkout amount has been successfully collected.


Part of the collected amount from the checkout has been refunded to the customer. The remaining amount is collected or still open to be collected.



The total checkout amount has been refunded to the customer.



A partial or the entire amount from the checkout was reversed at the customer's request. most likely because of a dispute. The status is irreversible and can only change if a chargeback reversal occurs.


The checkout was abandoned or was accidentally created and deleted for this reason. Checkouts with a DELETED status can still be retrieved up for reporting purposes for a certain period of time, but can no longer be used or modified.

The status "PARTIALLY_BILLED", "PARTIALLY_REFUNDED", and "REFUNDED" are only available within the Commerce Portal. In the Commerce Platform API  the Checkout status is "BILLED" for those additional status (to indicate that money has been moved).