Buy in Store, return online

Important remark: the feature of an online refund for POS transactions is currently being developed and will be available soon. 

For  true seamless shopping experience, different channels can be used to return purchased products. Customers can return products online, which were previously bought and payed in a local store. The PAYONE Commerce Platform supports merchants in this process and enables refunds to the same payment instrument via the PAYONE Payment Gateway.

Process Flow

High-level summary:

  • Customer buys products in the local store and pays at the terminal.
  • Customer returns the goods to the webshop/logistic center.
  • The Commerce Platform could reduce the implementation effort since the all Checkout information can be retrieved.
  • After the products have been returned and checked, the refund can be done easily via the Commerce Platform/Commerce Portal.

Retrieve checkout in commerce portal

After identifying the Checkout using the authorization id of the terminal transaction, a refund can be initiated:

Enter the amount of the refund (if not full refund should be done) and confirm.